Working and Living in Turkey

It is such an amazing experience to work in a different culture and in a different country. Several changes changes happen in your life at a time: Your work, your team, the city you live in, the business culture. Even the simplest things are not the same. It is in your hands to turn this new adventure into a great experience.

Doing business in another country also offers its own unique set of challenges. A good adaptation to the business culture in which you work, is an essential element of your business success.

Like in many countries, Turkish business and social culture offer a lot of benefits to those who can understand and read the cultural codes effectively. It is, therefore, very important to develop an awareness around it, to understand the dynamics, the unwritten rules and codes.

This is the purpose of our one-day «Working & Living in Turkey» program. Focusing on the business culture in Turkey, this program equips you with the knowledge, tips and techniques in order to work more efficiently with your Turkish colleagues and to manage your business successfully.

Program content

Culture and business cultures introduction

6D Cultural Model of Hofstede

Interpretation of the individual Hofstede profiles of the participants

Turkey: One country, two continents.

DNA of Turkish society:  Values and their influence in the daily life

Traditions, the rhythme of life

The Turkish family: How is the life?

Body language in Turkey

Taboos and sensible issues

Adapting to Turkish daily life as an expat & family

Working in Turkey as an expat

Management and business life: Business hours, work life balance, flexibility

Communication: Knowing to manage different styles and attitudes

Managing a Turkish team

Social life and etiquette in business

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