Smart Communication

Mastering how and when to communicate is one of the most important skills one can learn.

Our communication skills have direct impact on our success in professional and private life, on our business results, on our relationships with others.

This program on communication skills helps individuals understand their own communication style as well as the style of others, building awareness around how to use these personal differences in a constructive way and how to be an effective communicator.

Within the framework of this awareness, it focuses on the ways of approaching these communication style differences more positively and developing a more effective communication style.

The smart communication program covers first impressions, verbal, non-verbal and written communication. It is a source of information for important behavior changes in the participants.

Program content

What is communication and why is it important?

How does communication work?

Why do we need smart communication?

The barriers of smart communication: Why does not it work sometimes?

Your personal communication style: Your profiling

Different communication styles

The smart communication model

Body language in communication

Communication in difficult times

Written communication

Communication in social media

Effective feedback models

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