Personal Brand and Communication in Social Media

The digital age and your personal brand.

While the personal branding concept is getting more recognized every day, many people fail to perceive that the coin has another side: The personal brand in the virtual world.

Social media and the digital age have brought a new dimension to personal brand management. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are now parts of our daily life and anyone can dive in due to low entry barriers.

People communicate in the virtual world, usually more than in the real world and get more visibility through social platforms. They talk not only about themselves but also about their company and its services/products.

The rule of thumb is to understand that it is necessary to approach personal branding from a holistic perspective: Online and off-line go together and they should be consistent.

Building a strong online presence is an essential part of the personal brand and can open several doors to success for a person or a company.

This program aims to train participants on how to build a strong presence on social media in order to use it as a leverage for their own professional success and that of their company.

Program content

Brands and personal brand

ABC of image

The messages we give to outer world

Who are you, what do you represent?

Your personal brand & your online personal brand

Defining your core brand message

Social media and its dynamics

Platforms: Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc

Creating a powerful professional image in social media

Consistency: Online & offline

Creating content: Where? About what? How frequent?

Participation and interactivity in social media, communities

Representing a company in social media


Etiquette in the online world

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