Magnet: Charisma and Presence

What if we tell you that you can “learn” being charismatic?

There are some people who have a “je ne sais quoi”, people who make the heads turn, people that we feel the presence immediately. We find them very “charismatic”. And we believe the charisma is an innate quality.

However, charisma can be learned and developed. Being charismatic can open you several doors in life, especially when you lead teams, conduct a meeting, or in your day to day relations with others. You can be a more effective, more inspiring manager or person when you radiate charisma.

Charisma has some components. When you use these components well, it is possible to display a powerful presence and make a strong impact on others.

This program covers the fundamentals of charismatic behavior, it opens the secret doors of charisma and offers you practical tips for discovering your charismatic self.

Program content

What is charisma?

Magnet: Why are charisma and personal presence important?

Charismatic behavior: Ingredients of charisma

My magnet profile

What stops us?

The charismatic mind: Everything starts in mind

Creating a powerful first impression

The importance of appearance

The effect of listening and speaking in charisma

The charismatic body language

Charismatic leadership and charismatic management

Charismatic leader profiles / Different approaches

Displaying charisma in difficult situations

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