Let your personal brand shine!

Research says that it takes only 3 seconds to make a first impression. Obviously important, it is possible not to leave the first impression to chance. A strong visual impact and a powerful personal  brand will help you develop professional presence and manage your impact on people better. This is one of the most important factors that promote your professional success.

Accredited by London Image Institute, one of the world’s most renowned image consulting institutions, this program is designed to help the participants take their personal brand to the next level and to position it in the best way possible.

We help participants understand and achieve a strong personal brand by improving and enhancing their natural talents, and linking their appearance to their authentic self.

We cover the ways of reflecting a strong and consistent professional image, from a holistic perspective that includes appearance, behavior and communication. The program includes practical tips and techniques that will help individuals benefit from a positive change immediately.

Program content

Brand and personal brand

ABC of image

The messages we give to outer world

Who are you? What do you represent?

Creating a strong personal brand

Managing first impressions

Creating a successful professional image: How does a professional look?

Charisma, credibility, authority: Creating a powerful visual impact

Your personal SWOT analysis

Your core brand, your authentic self

Ways to improve your visual impact and image tips

Your personal brand and your company: Representing a company with the right professional attitude

Protocol, etiquette and networking in the professional life

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