Leadership Communication

A leader must be able to communicate effectively.

Communication is said to be the most important skill in our life and when we talk about a leader, effective communication skills become even more important.

The higher you go up the corporate ladder, the more number of people you need to lead, motivate and engage, as a result, the finer your communication skills need to be.

Leaders spend most of their time communicating with others. With the new technologies, the time we allocate to communication grew even bigger and more diversified, which make communication skills even more delicate.

Leaders create a vision and inspire others. They persuade their employees to pursue goals, they improve their performance, they get results.

Mastering leadership communication is a priority for the success of a leader because a leader can only lead through effective communication. Good communication skills ignite the trust in others.

This program is for leaders who want to make a difference through their communication style.

Program content

What is communication?

What is “leadership communication”?

Your leadership SWOT: Who am I, how do I lead?

Your leadership brand value

Communicating to a team as a leader

Your leadership communication style

The stages of your team and the communication style you need to use (Tuckman)

Barriers to effective communication

The effect of your company culture to your communication style

Leadership communication model

Building a positive leadership image and leadership communication

Charisma, impact and influence in leadership communication

EQ in the leadership communication

The feelings you create through your style: Trust, motivation, fear, engagement, anger.

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