Communication in Multicultural Teams

The world goes global. So do our teams.

If you work in a multinational team, you also work in a multicultural environment. Each team member brings in his own cultural heritage, behavior and perspective to the team. This is not only an enriching opportunity, it is also a great way of developing self awareness. However, as it is the case with many things, it comes with its challenges.

Multinational teams may experience cultural gaps which may in turn be an obstacle for their effective functioning. When the cultural gaps start to be frustrating, the effectiveness of the team starts to fade away.

However, in culturally competent teams, every team member is able to decode the behaviors, communication or understanding that are based on one’s culture. This is what we call cultural competency.

Culturally competent teams take the best of each culture and put it in the service of team’s performance. They win together and enjoy the richness coming from the multiculturality.

Program content

The notion of “culture”: How does culture affect us?

Layers of culture & typical examples

Cultural stereotyping

National cultures: Hofstede

Interpretation of the individual Hofstede profiles of the participants

How does culture affect us in business: Cultural Dimensions for business effectiveness.









The culture key map: Where the lines get apart and its interpretation

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