A Balanced Life: Effective Stress and Conflict Management

Workplace stress and conflict are usually defined by harmful emotional or physical effcets caused by the mismatch between the requirements of the job and the skills, resources or needs of the employee.

Even if you love your job, you can still feel stress and face conflict generating aspects. However, unresolved conflicts or continuous stress decrease your performance and make negative effects on your physical and emotional well-being. Your ability to cope with stress is the fine line between the success and the failure.

Challenging tasks may also energize us physically and psychologically. Learning new things, becoming an expert in what we do can become motivational factors. In that sense, workplace challenges are important as they generally help us be more productive.

An effective stress and conflict management means that you are able to focus on what is under your control and develop a strategic perspective towards the conflict.

In this program, we explore the 7 factors of stress and focus on your natural conflict approach. With the help of personal profile reports, we measure the stress level and build an action plan to get a more balanced life.

Program content

What is your natural reaction to stress and conflict?

Defining the sources of stress and happiness

Effects of stress and its impact on us (video)

Building and maintaining personal balance

7 factors of stress

Individual stress profile and stress radar

Our team stress radar

Tactics to fight the burn out

Conflict and its reasons

TKI Conflict profil: Your natural reaction

Different conflict approaches

Building a conflict strategy

Relax: 4 ways of feeling better

Action planning

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